Ask the Author: Angela Britnell

Good morning Angela and welcome to my blog. You are a longstanding author of Choc Lit’s, having had 6 books published with them, congratulations!                 

To kick off the interview can I ask you to tell us a little about yourself:

What inspired you to start writing romance?

 I’ve always been a voracious reader and my husband often joked that I should write a book. Around 2000 I saw a creative writing class advertised locally and to be honest the idea of one evening a week for six weeks away from my chaotic house (thanks to three lively sons) was the most appealing aspect! I was immediately hooked and gravitated towards writing contemporary romance partly because I enjoy reading that genre but also fantasy, vampires, werewolves etc aren’t my thing and mysteries and historicals take a lot more plotting and heavy duty research!

How long did it take between deciding to write a novel and getting published?

I didn’t really decide to write a novel but my writing teacher (big thanks to Tracy Carreon) encouraged me to make a short story a little longer. I was totally surprised when it emerged as an actual full length book. Although it will rightly never see the light of day I immediately started another which became ‘Truth and Consequence’ published in 2006 about a year after I finished writing. I heard about a local publisher who was starting a fiction line and looking for romance manuscripts. I submitted with absolutely no expectations and was totally shocked when they offered me a contract and that’s where it all began. Of course then there were financial difficulties with the publisher and a nearly two year gap before I was published again but that’s another story!

You are an established popular Romantic Novelist; what advice would you give to those embarking on their writing journey?

Connect with other writers whether it’s in person or on the many online communities. I belong to the Music City Romance Writers, local chapter of the RWA, and also the Romantic Novelists’ Association and really get a lot from both in the way of support and continual learning about the process and business of writing. But most importantly find your own way and what works for you – you can attend a million workshops and read every great craft book but in the end what works for one writer may not for you. It took me a long time to trust my own instincts.

As I mentioned, you have had several titles published under Choc Lit, including:

Sugar & Spice                                      What Happens in Nashville

Celtic Love Knot                                 The Wedding Reject Table

Love me for a Reason                         You’re the one that I Want


All of your novels have a transatlantic theme. Obviously you are from Tenesee, but what inspired you to write your novels with both American and UK settings, particularly picturesque Cornwall?

I’m not originally from Tennessee but actually grew up in Cornwall and left at eighteen to join the Royal Navy (still the WRNS when I joined but we didn’t go to sea thank goodness as I get seasick!). Cornwall is still home in many ways and I return frequently as my mother and other family are still there and I miss pasties too much to stay away for long! On a NATO assignment in Denmark I met and married my own tall, dark handsome hero, at the time an American naval aviator, who is still the love of my life. We travelled extensively and then settled in Tennessee where he grew up. How can I not write transatlantic romances when I live it every day!

I always ask Choc Lit authors this question but I just have to know each author’s individual answer! Choc Lit are renowned for their strong, hot heroes and yours doesn’t disappoint. What, for you, makes a desirable hero?

Quite simply integrity, honesty and a great sense of humour. You can’t go wrong with those qualities. Hot is simply a bonus!

Your most recent novel, You’re the one that I want, is part of the Nashville connection series. What do you have in the pipeline next for your eagerly awaiting fans?

I’ve written a sequel to The Wedding Reject Table called Here Comes the Best Man and hope it will be released soon. I also have several other projects in the works and continue to write for People’s Friend pocket novels and Take A Chance on Us will be released in the UK on 10 August. 

Thank you very much, Angela, for popping along to ask the Author!

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  1. Thanks, Morton. I find it stops me getting stale to change things up a bit I’ll often finish the first draft of one story, write the first draft of another and then go back to work on the initial story again. We all have our ways and sometimes it’s good not to feel alone in our weirdness!

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