Meet Me to talk about Cancer

I have tried writing the beginning of this blog about cancer so many times but I’ve found it (unusually for me) really difficult to find the words. So, I’ve decided to be brutally honest. Cancer is a vile, insidious disease that rips not only through the body but through people’s minds and hearts and that’s not just the sufferer, but their loved ones too.  It is a challenge to be overcome and, sadly, it is a battle that so many have lost. My first experience of cancer was my Grandad dying of stomach cancer when I was 16. Over a period of six months we saw him decline and the cancer won out. I lost my own dear Dad to prostate cancer last year and I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy the pain and suffering I watched him go through or for that matter the same suffering my mother and I went through as his carers. If there is one thing that I did learn through these dark times, however, it is the power of laughter. There were moments of sheer embarrassment (like having to help Dad with his ‘piss pot’) that I wouldn’t have survived without laughter. Which is what I wanted to draw upon with Clara’s story. I don’t want to give away much more than that but I do think it’s important to focus on the good times, not the bad. And for every person I’ve lost to cancer, I have one  dear to me who has survived. And I think that’s something we should all focus on; survival.

Meet me for my last Meet Me at blog tomorrow with a more light hearted tone about horses and fine dining.



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