Meet Me to talk about starting over…

Hi there.  I’m Lisa, author of Meet me at Number Five. I usually dive right in with these blogs but it occurred to me that I have a few new followers these days who perhaps aren’t so au fait with me. I’ve been blogging for seven years and this blog really is a collection of all my thoughts, ideas and experiences on my journey towards publication.

Today, that day is here *does a little happy dance* and, in true blogging fashion (and because the launch of Meet Me at Number Five  has been so secretive), I have decided to run a series of blogs over the coming week discussing some of the themes of the novel and the inspiration behind them. It seems only sensible to start at the beginning which perhaps feels a bit like the end to my heroines; starting over.

Meet Grace

No one wants a baby more than Grace Cavendish. In fact when we first meet her she is about to embark on her first round of IVF and realising her dream of becoming a mother, until her husband, Charlie, casually drops into the conversation that he’s got another woman pregnant…

Meet Hennie

Hennie’s already started the process of starting over. Divorced from ex-husband, Mark, she lives with Grace and Hennie’s Nana, Clara, in Cheltenham, raising her two children, Zach and Tilly, as a single mum. Every date she’s goes on she gets more crushed because the guys she goes out with are either dull or not too keen on kids; a deal breaker to Hennie. After a disastrous date she decides there’s only one way to move forward; RENOUNCE MEN. Of course, that’s before she comes face-to-face with Grace and Charlie’s handsome, hot and totally delicious new farrier, Guy Lynch…

Starting over is never easy. Those of you who are regular followers to my blog will know the ups and downs of my life in the past seven years. I think that on the whole, if its’ a change you’ve created yourself it’s easier than one that’s been thrust upon you. Which is partially where the inspiration for Meet Me at Number Five came from. We all have struggles in our lives and just when you think you’ve overcome them and got your life back on an even keel something else seems to come along to try and knock you off your perch. In the words of Shakespeare, ‘the course of true love did never run smooth,’ which is true for Grace and Hennie. Starting a relationship with their new heroes is a challenge. Keeping it going might be quite another…

Intrigued? Have a look at my novel page to see where you can purchase a copy.

On tomorrow’s Meet Me at I’ll introduce you to my heroes which will hopefully get you salivating 😉




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