Ask the Author: Teresa F Morgan

Teresa Morgan originates from Surrey. She moved to North Somerset in 1998 and now lives with her two sons and a budgie called Rio.

Family holidays in Cornwall have lead to the scenic Cornish coastline and the city of Bristol being the back drop for her novels.

In 2014, Teresa was a contender for the Romantic Novelist Association’s Joan Hessayon New Writer’s Award with her debut novel ‘Plus One is a Lucky Number’.

Teresa is her happiest baking cakes, putting proper home cooked dinners on the table (whether the kids eat them or not), reading a good romance, or sitting at her PC emptying the thoughts from her head onto the screen.

Teresa loves writing contemporary romance, creating heroes readers will fall in love with. Men who in reality, let’s face it, just don’t exist. She loves creating stories with a touch of escapism.


Good morning Teresa and welcome to my blog. First of all congratulations on the release of your most recent novel, Meet Me at Wisteria Cottage, which is flying high in the Amazon Romantic Comedy and Contemporary Romance charts.   


When did your writing journey begin and what was the trigger?

I started writing fanfiction in 2006. I was pregnant with my second son, and my first wasn’t even two and would take naps during the day. It was a perfect time to write. As the boys grew, I wanted to find a job I could do from home that would work around my children, and decided it would be lovely to earn from writing. (Sadly I still needed a part time job with a regular income and still do). I started the Writer’s Bureau Comprehensive Writing Course in 2009 which was a great help.

Who are your favourite authors and did any of them inspire you?

I was reading Mills and Boon, thinking of becoming a writer for them (plus they were easy to read around the kids routines) and a friend introduced me to Liz Fielding, and I just loved her books. The chemistry and sizzle she writes between her characters, and she writes in the ‘cherish’ category! I inspire to write that spark!

Sue Moorcroft is another favourite of mine. I love all of her books. She writes great stories, heroes to die for and heroines that don’t get on your nerves.

Like myself, your journey to publication has been coupled with raising children. What are your top tips for aspiring writers trying to juggle writing time with the demands of bringing up children and the school run? 

Make time for your writing. I write when the kids are at school. I can’t write with distractions, and I try to treat it like a day job. I wouldn’t be able to mow the lawn if I was working in an office. I ignore the housework (to a certain extent). The jobs I can do while the kids are around, I save for after school (hoovering, washing up). Okay, I have to do some housework, but I set a timer, and hang the washing out etc. when I need a break from the PC. (I suffer with RSI so I need to break up the writing sessions). It’s easier now they’re at school – I have six hours! – but when they were only in pre-school for three hours, I made those three hours mine and not for doing the housework. 

This is your third novel, so firstly congratulations to you! What aspects of your writing do you think have contributed to the success in building up a readership?

Oh, that’s a toughie! Maybe I’m too modest… I think, going from the reviews I’ve received, I write easy going, feel good stories. I’ve always said I write brain-candy for women, with a splash of my sense of humour. My readers love my heroes (as do I) and I hope I don’t make my heroines annoying and weak.

And onto your novel…

After her house is set on fire and her love life is left in tatters, Maddy Hart can’t believe her luck when a friend offers her the temporary haven of Wisteria Cottage. Overlooking the turquoise blue waters of the Cornish coast, the fresh air feels like a fresh start for her and her broken heart.

Peeking out of the cosy cottage windows, Maddy’s surprised to see her gorgeous but insufferable neighbour Harry Tudor has been employed to landscape the garden. But as the wisteria winding its way around the cottage begins to bloom, an unlikely friendship starts to blossom…

So, what was the inspiration behind Maddy’s story?

It started with the idea of a man lifting a hysterical woman over his shoulder into a fireman’s carry to try and defuse the situation, only it would infuriate my feisty heroine further, and the rest panned out from there.

The novel is set in Cornwall and has that proper seaside, holiday read feel. What made you choose Cornwall for the setting?

I’d set the wedding in Plus One is a Lucky Number in Tinners Bay, a made up seaside town inspired by Polzeath where we holiday each year. Taking a leaf out of Sue Moorcroft’s book, who used to set hers in Middledip, I decided to take Meet Me At Wisteria Cottage back to the same area, and expand on Tinners Bay. 

Having had a look at your reviews on Amazon, I notice many of your fans would like to follow up on Maddy and Harry. Do you have any plans for a sequel?

There are no plans for Maddy and Harry to return, but definitely Tinners Bay. 😀

Thank you very much, Teresa, for your time and I wish you every success with this novel and your future writing 🙂 You can find out more about Teresa via the following links:


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