For Spooks & Ghouls & Freaks & Fools… call Rent-a-Ghost

As a child of the seventies, you didn’t expect me to call this post anything else, did you?

Well, I can now call myself Miss Popov because I have become a ghost writer.  It’s my first paid, regular writing job and it combines my love of writing with my other passion; property.  I was approached by a local estate agent to write a regular blog for them and I am pleased to report it’s Miss Popovgoing very well (even with my rusty property knowledge).  They have received positive feedback and they liked me so much they asked me to revamp their Rightmove pages too.

It did, however, put me in a compromising situation.  I’ve always felt that being a ghost writer was a violation of one’s artistic licence.  Allowing someone to put their name to your craft just isn’t something which has ever sat easily with me.  I conjure up an image of Kate Price in my mind at one of her glamourous book launches, with me sitting at home on the sofa, watching her through the TV and pitying the poor sod who wrote the book and gets none of the credit. 

But then I got to thinking, maybe the ghost writer doesn’t feel like this?  Maybe they’re just happy to be earning a crust and aren’t bothered by the fact that their name doesn’t appear as the author?  About the time I agreed to be a ghost writer for said estate agent, Abbey Clancy launched her new Mills & Boon novel, Remember by Name.  She’s openly stated that she hasn’t written it herself but that it’s written by a ghost writer from Liverpool.  Clancy brainstormed and worked with the writer to get the novel how she wanted it. 

And I would be lying if I said it wasn’t about the money, after all, paid writing is income whether my name is on it or not.  So with that in mind, I’m laying down the gauntlet.  I’ve got a novel which keeps making it past the first post with publishers then rejected by senior editors, it even came on the shortlist final for Choc Lit’s Search for a Start competition.  It’s set within a family estate agents, it’s big on property along the lines of Location, Location, Location.  Perhaps Kirstie Allsopp, Amanda Lamb or Lucy Alexander might like to put their names to it?  I’m quite happy to brainstorm with them, meddle with it, come up with a new plot altogether….

Just an idea 😉  



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