What has the Romantic Novelists’ Association ever done for me?

Everything, that’s what.

Nearly a month down the line from my last blog and I am at ‘The End’.  I actually feel quite triumphant with everything that is going on in my life at the moment.  Funnily enough, sitting with a sleeping cancer patient (my Dad) while my Mum has a well-deserved break has given me lots of time to write, by hand too, another phenomenon to me; I am so used being glued to my laptop.

We have had half-term in the past few weeks too which brought about an overdue catch-up with Teresa Morgan.  All our boys had a fab time bouncing about at Jumptastic, an indoor trampolining centre, local to me.  We talked writing, agents and publishing (Teresa is my inspiration along with a few others for making it from the New Writers’ Scheme into publication) but we talked personal lives too and I realised that in the past five – six years, so many of my former New Writers Scheme fellows (for they are almost all published now bar me 🙂 ) have become true friends.  In fact, both Alison May and Kate Johnson came to my wedding in 2014.  I have made many friends through our unofficial RNA Worcester Writing Group, the Anti-Doubt Crows and have been overwhelmed with kind messages of support with my writing and personal matters recently.

Teresa & me on a day out with the boys at Slimbridge Wildfowl & Wetlands Centre.
Kate & Alison
Kate, me & Alison on my wedding day in 2014 (the day I bestowed Kate with my beloved Sean).

My life goal is to be a published author.  One day, I hope I will make it.  I will keep persevering (even though it is most frustrating at times!); I’ve even drawn up an ‘editing schedule’ to get this current manuscript off to the NWS by April because the sooner it’s critiqued, the sooner I can edit once more and send off to publishers and agents.  But – and it’s a big ‘but’ because I hope I do get there eventually – should I never be published I would certainly have gained a lot from being an RNA Member.  There is no other family quite like it.  No other family which makes you feel quite so welcome.



2 thoughts on “What has the Romantic Novelists’ Association ever done for me?

  1. Keep going, Lisa, you will get there! If I can get published, anyone can lol!

    And I really enjoy catching up with you and your boys. We will have to make another date for the Easter holidays 🙂


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