New Beginnings… Part Two

Another September, nearly another year older… and still not published.  But I’m working on it…


This time last year I posted how September is my January; it’s full of new beginnings and possibilities.  It probably has something to do with my birthday looming at the end of the month but I think it’s more that going-back-to-school feeling, when my mum would buy me a brand new pair of squeaky shoes and a swishy-doo pencil tin, blank and ready to be engraved all over with the Take That symbol and ‘I love Mark Owen’.  It’s that opportunity to start over, begin again and keep on working towards my ultimate goals…


My ultimate goal is to one day be a published author.  But I know it’s going to take time and so I have to focus on the positive things I’ve achieved in the past year that are working towards that goal (I’m starting to sound like one of my heroines now!) and when I think back, I’ve actually come quite far.  This time last year I was eagerly anticipating going on the Cornerstone’s Writing Women’s Commercial Fiction  course and what an investment that was!  I met Julie Cohen (, who ran the course and what an inspiration and incredible source of knowledge she has become!  Julie’s course material opened up a whole new way of approaching writing a novel with technical knowledge I’d never even heard of.  I’d never paid attention to character arcs before, I roughly knew what my character’s motivations were but hadn’t realised how critical it is to keep them in forefront of my mind and although I’d managed to address the issue of external vs internal conflict in my first draft, it was genuinely a happy accident!  While constantly asking myself WHY?! I spent the winter months re-plotting and come February was ready to take on the enormous task of rewriting my novel.  I was working towards the Romantic Novelist’s Association New Writer’s Scheme deadline of the end of August and hit another low-point (again sounding remarkably like one of my heroine’s!) when I realised I wouldn’t have enough time to finish the manuscript.  But… when I had edited and reworked ready to submit what I had managed to produce to the scheme I realised I’d written 70,000 words in six months which actually, with a small child at home every day, I feel is actually quite an achievement J


Tomorrow my life begins again.  Okay that sounds like quite a dramatic statement but Laurie, my three year old, begins playgroup every weekday morning for three hours.  Three hours of solitude.  Three hours of daily, uninterrupted writing.  Pure bliss.  And who knows how much more I can achieve now?  So here’s my challenge: Get the damn thing finished, edited and polished up AND begin approaching agents before the year is out.


In the meantime I’m awaiting my feedback from the New Writer’s Scheme and hoping it’s not going to tell me I need to start from the beginning again!  No, this time I’m going to do it.  I’m quite tenacious when I have a deadline in sight.  But fellow twitters among me, if you see me prevaricating on there in the morning hours please, in no uncertain terms, tell me to ‘GET LOST!’


2 thoughts on “New Beginnings… Part Two

  1. Hi Lisa,
    Anita Chapman (RNA NWS –, kindly nominated my blog for The Liebster Blog Award yesterday. I’ve been asked to forward this award to five blogs that I enjoy reading. I chose yours because I love your take on the challenges of being a writer and mum, and also the generous way you pass on info for writers. You don’t have to do anything about it (it just means there’s a link to your blog on mine), but if you visit, there are instructions about how to accept the award (display the award logo etc) and pass on nominations to five blogs you would like to recommend.
    All the best, Clare


  2. Clare, that is so kind of you thank you! I have to apologise for the stupidly long reply but your comment obviously came through whilst we were moving house and what with Christmas I think I’m only just resurfacing! If it’s not too late I shall get on and recommend some blogs in the next few days. Thanks again, Lisa xx


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