Newport, No-children & Networking…

… sounds good doesn’t it?!

Yet again I’ve been a bit neglectful of my blog lately.  I’d like to say it’s because I’ve been concentrating non-stop on my writing career but if I’m honest – as many of you will well know – I’ve probably spent more time prevaricating on Twitter in between the daily grind of the school run than actually furiously typing away on my laptop. *blushes and makes mental note to try harder*

“A day off and you’re going away for a weekend all about writing?” My colleague Nick asked me incredulously last Saturday when I announced I’m heading to the Romantic Novelist’s Association conference in Newport this coming weekend.

“Yes,” I snapped back, “as much as I’m not ready to give up the day job,” (I work for an estate agent – well when I say work, it’s more like turning up at properties and having a good nose around people’s beautiful homes), “I take my writing career seriously and what you are looking at,” I demonstrated by transcending my hands up and down my body, “is Brand-Lisa!”

Nick laughed and so did I too but although I did say it tongue-in-cheek, I so want to become a fully-fledged, full-time – and dare I say it, paid – writer, that in a way it’s sort of true.

The RNA New Writers’ Scheme deadline is looming and another year’s work, reassessing, re-plotting and rewriting has been fulfilled.  Now I’m editing and re-editing (all this reviewing, I really must try harder!) before I finally submit the fruits of my labour for the past twelve months for critique.  So a jolly knees-up with all my writer pals and no-children to boot seems like a very appropriate way to reward myself.  But, I have to admit the major part of me is also very excited about the networking side of things; the opportunity to meet literary professionals and the pure bliss of spending a whole weekend with like-minded people talking about writing.  As an unpublished writer – and this does sound very Apprentice-Candidat- like so apologies – the opportunity to promote myself and learn more about the publishing industry is invaluable.  So I shall make an extra effort next week to report back to tell you who I’ve met and what I’ve learnt.

That’s if I make it back from Wales.  Rumour has it that Jill Mansell’s taking part in a panel of authors being interviewed in a Q&A session and there’s a high-possibility that I’ll be locked up for crimes against embarrassing myself in front of my favourite author… *squee*


2 thoughts on “Newport, No-children & Networking…

  1. Oi! I thought I was your favourite author? That Mansell woman’s going to get it I tell you!! Anyway, I might forgive you if you call me Lord Sugar for the whole weekend!! I am also looking forward to the networking and learning all about what I’m doing wrong! But most of all I’m looking forward to meeting all the lovely girls I chat with on Twitter and all of them make me smile and laugh and brighten up my day with their smutty talk involving Richard Armitage and Sean Bean, oh and The Hoff, he will not be forgotten this weekend!! Can’t wait to meet you Lisa – there’s a Mandy Baggot fridge magnet waiting for you! x


  2. Oh Mandy, thank you! I truly can’t wait to meet you to, although I fear you, I & Kate Johnson might be put on the naughty table if we’re not careful!! Article on The Hoff is in my bag ready to travel to Wales, see you tomorrow!! xx


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