Getting Away With It by Julie Cohen

Addictive, powerful, emotional, heart-warming and sexy… you really won’t want to put it down!

Growing up in the quaint, idyllic Wiltshire village of Stoneguard was a claustrophobic experience for Liza Haven.  Especially when there was a gossipmonger on every street corner, you were under constant scrutiny from success driven – and the 20th Century’s answer to Deborah Meaden – mother Abigail and felt you just couldn’t compete with your perfect twin, Lee.

Plus if you hate ice cream, it’s rather unfortunate to have been born into an ice-cream emporium; Ice Cream Heaven.

No wonder Liza was keen to take-off at eighteen, travel the world and build-up a fantastically successful career as stuntwoman, reaching the dizzying accolades of credits on Hollywood Blockbusters.

Twelve years on life could be perfect for Liza if she didn’t have the niggling guilt at the back of her mind that she isn’t quite pulling her weight.  Not since the ‘Horrid Christmas’ two years ago anyway.  The Christmas where Abigail announced she had the onset of Alzheimer’s and would be handing the running of Ice Cream Heaven over to Lee so Abigail could become a recluse and Liza and Lee ended up having a huge row.  Now they’re down to exchanging emails of what they’ve had for breakfast.  Not good.

So when Liza pushes the boundaries, becomes out of control and manages to crash an almost priceless Ferrari Enzo writing off the car and her career into the bargain, she finds herself back in Britain and back in the one place she’s been fighting for years to stay away from.

But Liza’s not the only one out of control.  Running the family business has taken its toll on Lee and suddenly Liza’s not the only one who wants to runaway.  And when Liza turns up at the Stoneguard School Reunion she finds herself not only covering for the absent Lee but pretending to be her perfect sister into the bargain.

Can she get away with it?  Possibly… but she hasn’t bet on Lee having a boyfriend.  The handsome, sexy, and upper-class, Will Naughton of Naughton Hall.  Someone Liza detested as a teenager.  And discovering you have dangerously strong feelings for the man who’s your sister’s boyfriend?  That’s where all the fun begins…

It sounds like a cliché but this is the best book I’ve read in a while.  It’s like romance (my favourite genre) meets action packed-thriller… okay that’s probably a bit over the top, but the plot is so pacy that you are carried along with the story and won’t want to put the book down!

I’ve read several Julie Cohen novels and what I most like about her writing is her focus on emotions; you really get to feel what the character is feeling.  She doesn’t disappoint in this novel, I could really identify with Lee’s need to escape and Liza’s past feelings of oppression and her fear of giving in and letting people into her life.  What also touched me was the theme of Alzheimer’s in this book and how this can affect not just the person suffering but everyone surrounding them.

And if a strong heroine determined to achieve isn’t enough for you, Will makes a most drool-worthy hero.

And we could all do with one of those.


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