New Beginnings

Welcome to September, a time the leaves begin to curl and start falling from the trees, the blackberries are fit to burst and most importantly the children go back to school, hooray! *does a little jump of excitement*

But for me it’s more than that.  Perhaps it’s because my birthday’s at the end of this month, I don’t really know, but for me September is my January. It’s when I make my new year’s resolutions. Perhaps it’s because being an only child it’s always been the time of year my mother would lavish me with new shoes, new clothes, pens, pencil-case, school bag – are you getting the picture yet? – that it’s a time for me to make a fresh start and look forward the year ahead.

This time last year I started writing my novel.  Admittedly I’d already planned it down to the finest deal but having moved house and managed the previous year on only about 3 hours sleep a night (courtesy of our Little Lol) I finally put bottom to swivel chair and got on with the task in hand.  And if anyone had said to me that within a year I’d have completed it AND secured a place on the RNA New Writers’ Scheme AND received some very positive, constructive feedback…well, I’m not sure I’d have believed them.

But all have that has happened and as another September dawns it’s time to make some new resolutions, some new changes. With my well-critiqued manuscript in hand it’s time to go through it with a fine tooth comb, iron out those niggly little plot discrepancies and two-dimensional characters and come up with something that’s marketable to an agent.  Once that’s done it’s time to start the scary process of actually approaching agents and hoping one of them might just see what I’ve got to offer and, hope beyond hope, like me.  Or at least my writing!  I’m not going to go as far as saying I’ll have an agent by September 2011 but heck, I’m going to exhaust myself trying.

So where to start? Well Twitter’s the first thing to change.  With glistening eyes it’s time to say goodbye to the misspelt @Domestic_Godess.  It’s been fun being her and when I joined Twitter I thought I’d be moving in the circles of Yummy Mummy’s so it was all a bit of tongue in cheek. But as the months – dare I say it years! – have rolled on I’ve come to use Twitter more than ever as a tool for networking with other aspiring writer’s and most flattering, for me, published authors.  So I need to grow up a bit, change my image – don a twin set and pearls with a flash of tweed if necessary – and get people to know me by my real name. Well sort of real name. Even I have an identity crisis over which surname to use…

So Happy New Year to you.  And if you’re making some September Resolutions I’d love to hear just what you expect the next 12 months to bring.

PS I almost forgot! I got myself a sleek new bob to go with this new, sensible me! Once the blonde, always the blonde though; some thing’s should NEVER change!


6 thoughts on “New Beginnings

  1. Sorry to say goodbye to Domestic_Godess, but WELCOME! to you in your original incarnation. As another ‘only child’ I have very different feelings about September – dread to starting another school year – in my case. Apart from a set of butterflies lodging in my stomach at the idea of new shoes and school uniform, I agree about September being all about making new starts. Planning to use my time more efficiently, self improvement by signing on for adult education classes and good intentions about taking regular exercise. Off to buy my swimming pool six monthly pass!


  2. Yayy – good for you! You are an inspiration – I am sure you’ll have an agent this time next year – and maybe even a deal!

    I wonder if I’ll ever not be Henrietta Bird….you’ve got me thinking!!


  3. Thanks for your thoughts Frances, glad I’m not the only one who thinks September is full of fresh-starts & best of luck with the adult ed classes, my Creative Writing ones are so much fun. And good luck with the exercise regime – slinky black dress for Christmas? 🙂 x


  4. Thanks AJ that’s the best thing anyone’s said about me all year! Sorry if I’ve got you thinking, I do love Henrietta Bird 🙂 x


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