Sweet Temptation by Lucy Diamond

Beyond addictive…

As the old saying goes never judge a book by its cover.  But in this case you should because the title says it all.  This book is seriously tempting and once you pick it up you’ll be feasting on it from cover to cover…okay enough of the bad puns but it’s true! 

Meet Maddie Lawson, average mum-of-two, trying to juggle a part-time job whilst bringing up the children.  Okay so she likes the odd donut and could do with losing, ahem, a bit of weight but what busy grab-a-bite-to-eat-when-the-opportunity-arises mum doesn’t?  Although not everything about Maddie’s life is that average; she’s got glamour-puss mother, Anna to contend with.  A national treasure actress in her hey-day she’s well loved in Birmingham and likes keeping up an appearance.  Which Maddie doesn’t quite fit into.  And when Maddie’s not being chastised by her bossy mother there’s bitchy Collette, queen of the airwaves (or so she likes to think) at Brum FM (where Maddie works) who decides she’s going to ‘Make Birmingham Beautiful’ this summer.  Without consultation she signs Maddie up for Fatbusters and a chance to lose her flab.  If being humiliated on local radio wasn’t enough, when Maddie comes last in the Mum’s Race at Sports Day she realises she’s no other choice to take up the challenge.

But Maddie’s not the only one on a mission.  There’s beautician Jess who dreams of her wedding day to rugged, handsome Charlie.  Only Charlie keeps putting-off their big day and hinting about Jess dropping a dress size or two; which is all fine in principle.  If Jess could just give up those midnight-guilt-trip-feasts…

Then there’s unlucky-in-love, Lauren who’s given up on romance since her cheating-husband-bastard Brendan went off with her assistant.  Nothing unusual in that, only it is the teeniest bit ironic seeing Lauren runs ‘Love Hearts’, Birmingham’s lonely-hearts dating agency.  But at least she’s got hilarious, energetic – and unlikely to go off with any future partner – Patrick to cheer her up.  Only cheering-up generally equals indulging in food which has led to Lauren piling on the pounds recently too…

Enter Alison from Fatbusters to motivate these three fallen-off-the-wagon women.  Glamorous, svelte like, with a thick Brummie accent, you won’t be able to help yourself falling in love with this character and trembling at the prospect of letting her down.  Through the weekly weigh-ins these three adorable girls find friendship and before long they’re supporting each other in much more than the fight to resist a cream cake.

Lucy Diamond is a fabulously witty writer who will have you in fits of giggles with every chapter.  Her ability to find a balance between a humorous read as well as touching on sensitive relationships had me in awe.  As someone who used to be five stone heavier than I am now and (thanks to three pregnancies) was a yo-yo dieter through most of my twenties, I really identified with these three characters and their motivations to lose weight. 

The thread of this story might be the battle of the bulge but at the core is a story of love, loss and the quest of three women wanting to achieve their full potentials; fat or otherwise.


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