Dragged kicking and screaming, yet here I am…just.

Well I guess it had to happen didn’t it?  In 1991 I was first introduced to the internet – where apparently The Times was the only legible reference available – in the quiet corner of my comprehensive school library. 

I could hardly see the point.

Nearly 11 years ago I entered the world of work, an on-line company at the forefront of the dotcom revolution.

And now 19 years since my first introduction to the digital age and a mere 11 years since embracing it, I – at the ripe old age of 30 – finally have A BLOG!

It’s not that I have anything against ‘blogging’ – except for the name which frankly I find midly offensive – but I’ve never really seen the need for one.

But I do enjoy wittering on inanely about nothing in particular so perhaps this is the perfect home for me, only time will tell.

Recently the lovely PR team at Waterstones.com gave me five proof copies of Orion books to read and review and what better way to share my opinions but here on my shiny, new blog.  They are all to be published in the next week or so – keep your eyes peeled!

Oh, and if you did enjoy this load of nonsense and want everyday ramblings from a housewife who doesn’t get out much, join me over on Twitter where I go under the name of @Domestic_Godess. Yes, I do know there’s two dd’s in Goddess…


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